Sky Palette 2018

The year has passed so hectically and fast. Reaching its goal, the two best things to be grateful for were the warmth of time for good reading and rendezvous with the sky of the great Hokkaido land.


The reason why we feel purified looking up at the morning sky and soothed standing before the ocean is, I believe, God loves this color “Azure” and painted his favorite things on earth with it.


I’ve never known by this day that there was a sky as clear and golden as the gem named Citrine. It is said that Citrine brings you happiness and prosperity. The more you see it, the happier you will be. 


Hide and seek with the spring evening sky. Having a fascinating view of mountains at my living room window with a steaming hot cup of Darjeeling tea in my hand, violet clouds slowly flowed and whispered me into my heart,

“Look, the peak finally started to take the snow off to get ready for the next season.”


A yellow bird says, “All the skies on this planet belong to us.” 

“Well, I’d like to stick to my point that you birds and we should share the skies because nowadays we human beings also fly to any cities we want to be and that some of us travel even above the atmosphere” I replied.

Yet I eventually get to the point that we can’t be greedy to have our own wings and take control of the skies. 

The skies indeed belong to birds. It’s also an answer to the peace.


“Where am I? should be in my living room.” When I got up and opened the curtains I was confused with the landscape from my windows that turned to an unfamiliar lakeside town in New England or something. I was standing there in a trance like a stray child.

The magician who gave me the fantastic illusion was the sea of summer clouds spread 180 degrees of my sight. It covered and vanished the ordinary lives in town and took me out of time and space for a moment.

Kisses to the mischievous July morning.


I love the sky that has billions and billions of faces, but the one I love the best in my life is the teary gray sky to melt into the ocean just before the storm comes. 

At the moment that the horizon disappears it feels like my dreams come true, but it never gives me a reason. I just feel accomplished. 


#FF2400 is the code of sunset, but I’d prefer the name of the color, “Scarlet”. It reminds me of a beautiful and passionate woman named Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”.  Margaret Mitchell might’ve seen the Scarlet sky and came up with the plot.


Halo never be a marvel, it’s a guardian to all of us, for its appearance promises us tiny happiness of the day. Let us feel blessed.


The moon in the blue sky of 15:56. Its tender existence is so modest and sweet.


Their hands above the sun-burnt mountains. Autumn clouds are caring.


Suddenly a huge band of clouds came and obscured the sunlight from heaven. The next moment it began to blow the first snow of the season into the mountains. Fifteen minutes later, everything in my eyes was in white.


And as the sun again comes and goes, I receive the love of nature and surrender my body and soul to the Absolute.

Thank you for the wonderful memories, this year. Happy Birthday, new year.


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